Meet Anthony

Meet Anthony

Hey friends! I have someone special to introduce to you! This is Anthony and he is our Casual Friday friend that we now sponsor through our monthly subscriptions. He is from Zambia, Africa. He’s 6 and loves science and indoor games. And if he got any cuter in his green sweater, I might actually melt into a puddle!

By subscribing to our monthly subscriptions you are now giving Anthony food, education, and he gets to hear the gospel of Jesus. You are literally making a global impact. SHEW that makes me weepy. If you’re subscribed, THANK YOU for making this happen. If you’ve thought about subscribing, we would be so grateful if you gave it a try.  

The link to get signed up:…/subscriptionselection/

Until the whole world hears… that’s my heart y’all. Thanks for being the absolute BIGGEST piece of that.

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