Leave The Water Jar Collective – Teri’s Story

Leave The Water Jar Collective - Teris Story

Leave The Water Jar Collective – Teri’s Story

Hi ladies! My name is Teri. I am 33 years young and a mommy of 2 amazing kiddos and 1 pup. This fall, my hubby and I will celebrate our TEN year anniversary!🥳 I live just outside of Nashville and work full time in property management. Some of my favorite things are: coffee, donuts, family time, game nights, coffee, church, thunderstorms, true crime documentaries, and did I mention coffee? 😁 I’m so glad you are a part of this community. Can we chat?

I know that it’s not unrealistic in a community this large to believe that a lot of you are hurting. Really, deeply, hurting and may even think you cannot come out of it…That maybe God has forgotten you, that your pain will always exist, and that there is no hope. In the not so distant past, I hurt that way. I experienced a loss that no mother should ever have to endure. I miscarried our first child, and it completely wrecked me. I doubted God and His plan. I thought terrible things of people who were happily pregnant and growing their families… Yep, for a time- I wanted nothing to do with women, even my friends, who were pregnant. Avoided them as often as I could. Very Christian of me, right? I was just hurting, and it was how I thought I was coping. I confronted God with the “whys”. Why did I have to go through this? Why does SHE get to have a healthy pregnancy? My loss impacted my entire world and for a time, I believed that I would never be whole again. In that season, I was very weak in my faith. I was y’all. I didn’t want God to bother me. I tried to push Him away and fill my plate with anything else to keep me busy. But God.

In the middle of my deepest hurt, God pulled me out. He reminded me that His grace alone, was ENOUGH. In the middle of my grief, Jesus was enough. How good is God to give us a grace so glorious that pulls us out of deep, dark valleys. Even when we hurt, even when we deliberately push Him away, even when the loss is so unbearable we think there will never be a way to recover, God so graciously reminds us of the only hope we truly have, and that is Jesus. Jesus is enough. Sister, I don’t know why you’re hurting. I don’t know the losses you have experienced. But I do know that Jesus is our Shepherd and we shall lack nothing. He provides. He sustains. He brings us peace and joy, and He IS faithful. I’m not saying the road will be pretty or easy, but I do want you to know that God’s glorious grace is abundant and sufficient to get you through. Please let us know how we can be praying for you. 💕#GraceSoGlorious

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