Leave The Water Jar Collective – Kacey’s Story

Leave The Water Jar Collective - Kaceys Story

Leave The Water Jar Collective – Kacey’s Story

Hey ladies! My name is Kacey Quinn. I just turned 33 years old, live in Bowling Green, KY and I’m a full time artist! More importantly, I’m a wife and a mother of three girls. My heart is so full. I have Jesus and I’ve believed in Him since I was a child. I’ve never known life without believing in Jesus, honestly. I’ve gone through some very dark seasons, but I’ve always held onto my belief, even when it was just hanging by a thread. But lately, God has shaken up this small version of belief in my life and created an enemy-defeating faith and trust that He IS in control. In the midst of trying to orchestrate things myself, trying to be the Holy Spirit to people, trying to manipulate situations so they go the way I envision they should… right smack dab in the middle of completely losing my grip of all of it at once …. He called me.

He used His faithful servant, Payton to get my attention since I was ignoring him in many other other areas. She told me about this plan that God had clearly placed in her heart and my name was in this plan. I felt SO unqualified, so unworthy, but God called me to it. He gave her MY name. In a crazy faith that I’ve never been able to muster up by myself, I said yes.

God has shown me over and over and over, ever since, that the ministry of my life and the ministry that He is calling me to share with His people is centered around these words… Keep. Planting. Seeds. In dozens of different ways, over the last couple months, He has said to me “You keep planting seeds. Stop attempting to do My job of weeding and pruning and being the source of water and just keep planting seeds for My Kingdom. Stop trying to do all the things you CAN’T do in people’s hearts and were never intended or created to do, so that you can be still, look up and see the harvest. So that you can enjoy it. It IS coming.”

I am so absolutely humbled to be chosen by God for this. To think that He would use a control freak, a wife and mom whose anger and anxiety has ruled her life for so many years, who had given up on prayer or even thinking God would do anything about the things she managed to mumble a prayer about, and He would turn that MESS of a broken woman into a testimony that encourages His people to seek Him??? Just wow. To think that He chose me to be a part of His orchestrated plan that will cause the enemy to FLEE from tormenting even one of His beloved children, is just so amazing to me. With these broken pieces of my story, He has turned my faithless prayers into daily surrender, faithful expectation that He WILL keep His promises, and unexplainable answers to prayers.

We are praying in the Spirit of the Living God that lives will be transformed, renewed and turned upside down for the Kingdom because of our testimonies. That people would believe just from hearing our testimonies. That people would believe because of YOUR testimonies. Be still. Look to Him. Surrender your deepest fears, the people you love, the situations you have no ability to control to HIM. Lay it all down and just keep planting seeds, y’all. 🌱

I look so forward to hearing your testimonies and seeing them take off in ways that are exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ask or think. In what areas can you keep planting seeds for the Kingdom and just allow God to do the rest? What are the things that ONLY He can do?


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